Whealth Fund

Healthy people in a healthy world. That is our goal as an international investment fund, based on ‘health is a value’:

  • Healthy people: every person has relatively equal opportunities to choose health sustainably. In this respect, health is considered more than the absence of disease. It is about paying attention to a person’s ability to manage a healthy balance now and in the future: mentally (IQ), physically (PQ), emotionally (EQ) and spiritually (SQ). With an emphasis on resilience, adaptability and feeling healthy even in the case of illness. This vision of health is in line with the concept of ‘Positive Health’.
  • Healthy world: concerns societies worldwide and planet earth. It is about a sustainable balance between healthy people, flora, fauna and natural resources such as soil, water, and air.

For investing and entrepreneurship based on the value of health

We are there for healthier givers (investors) and healthier entrepreneurs (investees) who:

  • Have promoting health in a broad sense as a motive for their investment choices as a basis for their existence.
  • Endorse the document ‘Healthy people and a healthy world. Exploration of an ethical compass’.

As Whealth Fund B.V.:

  • We invest on behalf of healthier givers and facilitate joining a community of kindred spirits.
  • Support healthier entrepreneurs with consultancy and the necessary financing.


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